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TooMuchThere’s a recent thread going on at the Shelby forums about the new Shelby offerings.

Here: Too Many Packages

Shelby, as we know, has recently offered SIX new models in their lineup. This news all came in one day and to some of the Shelby faithful it goes against the idea of exclusivity in the brand.

Now to me, on one hand, I guess I can understand it. A person buys a Shelby and thinks it’s special because it’s a Shelby.

Not too many people have it, or so the person thinks, and that’s why they were willing to pay the extra money for the car.

I guess that’s kind of a valid point… sort of, depending on your outlook.

To me it’s not really a big deal.

I didn’t buy my car because I thought it was “exclusive” and honestly if it didn’t have “Shelby” on the back I would STILL have bought it.

I guess I’m not what you would call a Shelby deciple… or part of the Shelby faithful.

I think the man and his accomplishments of the past have earned him a special place in Mustang history. And I’m VERY glad he has done what he has done in making a lot of these very cool cars that are around today.

But that being said… I wouldn’t buy ANY car because someone’s name was on it. I wouldn’t buy ANY car just because I thought it was “exclusive” and that I was somehow in an elite class of people who could afford such car.

I think the whole idea of exclusivity in cars or anything really is just a big load of crap! If you have to buy a car, or a pair of jeans, or whatever to make yourself feel better… or feel above others.. or whatever that notion of exclusivity buys you then I think you’ve got far greater problems than to worry about how many “special” editions Shelby produces.

I buy my cars because I fall in love with them. Because they are the embodiment of fun and speed and beauty. I could give a rats ass if someone thinks otherwise. I could care less if there were 10 or 10,000 made… doesn’t really matter to me as long as I can get one.

Although if there are only 10 made then you are talking about a VERY “exclusive” car that I certainly woldn’t be able to afford. So I’m kinda glad Ford and Shelby are making enough of these that mere mortals such as myself can purchase one.

BUT… and this is a big BUT… I also know many were told that the GT500 would be a “limited” model. They were only going to make them for so many years and only going to make so many in the year. And THAT is what drove a buying frenzy on these cars when they first came out. Everyone wanted to get one before time ran out!

There’s a lot of “he said she said” stuff about the whole deal and a lot of people paid A LOT of money for these cars when they first appeared in 2007 because they either thought they HAD to pay it because there was a limited supply or because they thought they were going to make a quick buck by buying them and flipping them.

Any way you look at this it’s wrong. I think people who DID buy these cars at crazy prices (average selling price in 2007 for a GT500 was around 60k) because of what they were told should have done their homework and NOT given in to the hype. But the past is the past and it doesn’t really matter now. Doesn’t take away from the fact that it was wrong for these lies to be told… but they were and that’s it.

Now from this point of view I can totally understand the Shelby faithful being pissed about the “dilution” of the brand. They were sold an idea of exclusivity… they were buying this EXTRA package because they wanted their car to be special, and now they’re realizing that Shelby is a business out to make money–and it stings.

It stings to the tune of more than 30k for a Super Snake package… that’s a big sting!

But as much as I understand these people being angry, annoyed, disappointed, I hope that at some point they will realize that businesses (Ford, Shelby, Sears, etc. etc.) are out to make a profit. And sometimes those businesses will do anything to make it… sometimes they make good decisions for their customers and sometimes they are greedy.

In the end if you remember the golden rule you’ll probably be OK and less annoyed by the promises of a business that may or may not have your best interests at heart — Caveat emptor!


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shelbysr000Six new models for both the 2010 Mustang and the 05-09 Mustangs… read about them here:

AutoBlog Story

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2010 Super Snake

2010SSShelby Automotive just released this picture of the 2010 Super Snake.

Here’s their press release:

The 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake is powered by a 5.4-liter engine topped by a Shelby/Ford Racing Supercharger that ups the power from a factory rated 540 hp to 630 hp. An optional 700 horsepower or 725 horsepower supercharger upgrade kit is available. The 725 horsepower package is based on the Kenne-Bell 2.8H Twin Screw supercharger unit and puts the Snake in supercar status based on its performance potential. 2009 Super Snakes with the Kenne-Bell Supercharger and drag radials can easily run 10 second e.t.’s.

For more information on the 2010 Super Snake Package visit the Shelby Site.

With the increased air flow required by the supercharger, the 2010 Super Snake also features a cold air intake and high flow Borla cat-back exhaust system.

For suspension updates, Shelby has equipped the 2010 Super Snake with Ford Racing dampers and springs with larger diameter sway bars. An optional Shelby/Eibach adjustable coil over suspension with larger diameter sway bars is also available.

For rolling stock, Shelby fills the Super Snake wheel wells with 20” Shelby Super Snake Signature Alcoa wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Performance Tires.

Brake upgrades include a Shelby/Baer 6 piston front caliper and slotted Baer front and rear rotors.

As with any Shelby, the 2010 Super Snake includes trademark Shelby styling cues. The most noticeable styling update is the domed hood with front air intake and heat extractors. The OEM quarter windows are covered with trademark Shelby air scoops or block-off inserts.

To make sure everyone knows your rolling legit, every 2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake has a serialized dash plaque and engine plate. The Super Snake also includes unique badgeing on the front grill and fenders.

The 2010 Super Snake package is priced at $29,495 for the 630 horsepower model. The optional 700+ package is priced at $33,495.

This is a post title package so 2010 GT500 owners that want to convert their GT500 to a Super Snake can either ship the car to Shelby Automotive in Las Vegas or have one of Shelby’s mod shops install the package at their facility. Shelby mod shop locations include: Tasca Ford, Quantum Performance and Sean Hyland Motorsport in Ontario Canada.

Source: Shelby Automotive

So basically this is the exact same package as the current Super Snake models. They have the same Alcoa rims which are cool looking but offer an incorrect offset.

Because of the offset Shelby has to go with a SKINNIER tire in the rear than stock! Yeah that’s what you need, 200 more horsepower and skinnier rear tires. (Stock width is 285, Shelby goes with 275 Pirellis)

They do look cool though 🙂

I’d also be interested in seeing the REAR of this car as the rear is the worst part of the design. It seems like generally all the aftermarket guys seem to avoid pics of the rear of the car.

I think the car looks better with the hood from the front, but until I see the rear I’m reserving judgement.

I still prefer the looks of the 07-09 model Mustang though, but that’s me 😉

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10364-2006-Ford-Mustang-DynoI get so tired of people who brag about their rear wheel horse power.

How many times have we heard it?

“Well I have (insert supercharger or performance mod here) and I pulled (insert random RWHP number here)… blah blah blah.

I’ll admit it’s neat knowing what your car can do horsepower-wise, but these people who take this number as an end-all be-all are out of their friggin mind!

First of all a dyno is a TOOL. It’s used to make sure an engine is performing within specs. It’s used to make sure the air / fuel ratio is correct… everything else is just hoo-ha!

If your car dynoed at 400 rwhp on a Tuesday at 10 am when the temperature was nice and cool do you think it will pull 400hp on the next day at 1pm when it’s 100 degrees outside?

If you do… you’d be wrong.

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of arguments about how this guy pulled this and that guy pulled that and “Man with those mods you should be pulling AT LEAST (fill in the number)!”

It’s just asinine!

Even if you have the exact same car as the next guy, built the exact same year with the exact same options and have the EXACT same performance modifications there could be a fairly large gap between what your car pulls and the other car pulls. EVERY CAR IS DIFFERENT!

Oh and for those of  you that inflate your numbers because you want to sound faster than the next guy… please give me a friggin break!

Who are you fooling and why? What is the point exactly? All you are doing is lying. That’s it… a lie. I call it like I see it… and I’m sure the people that fudge their numbers up justify it in some crazy way, but it is what it is.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, a final thought.

For those so envious of the guys that are putting down 500 rwhp or 700 rwhp or hell even 1000 rwhp think about this for a second. Do you think a 500, 700, or 1000 rwhp gets traction on the street?

Maybe at 500 you can hook up to some extent, but it would be quite a handful… anything past that and all you’re doing is spinning rubber off of your wheels.

As far as a drag strip, and a car with slicks, that’s an entirely different story.

But talk to pretty much ANY real drag racer and they could give a crap what their car “dynoed” at… they know it’s more about time slips than arbitrary horse power numbers!!

So to all you dyno queens– GET OVER IT!

And to all those worried about your car not making xxxx rwhp… if you dynoed it and the car’s air/fuel is right on and it runs well then just be happy man… smile! Drive your kick-ass car and enjoy!!

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How many Shelby GT500, Super Snakes, and KRs sit in a garage somewhere underneath a vacuum protected bubble forever secure from the dangers of the outside world in their hermetically sealed capsule??

When it comes to cars, and Shelby cars mostly, I see and hear of a lot of people who are terribly concerned about the value of their investment.

They’re concerned about how many are produced each year, they’re concerned about not doing ANYTHING to lessen the value of their investment. They’re concerned about putting mods or miles or even as far as not painting their stripes on their Shelby because then it won’t be “original.”

Let’s get something straight folks. Unless you are prepared to put your car in that bubble away from the outside world your car is certainly not an investment.

Why? Because to a collector who may or may NOT want to buy your car 30 years from now, which car do you think will be more desirable? The car with 5000 miles or the car with 24 miles that has never been driven?

I’m not saying your car isn’t valuable and that it won’t be worth more in 30 years, but what I am saying is it’s not exactly a safe bet.

Personally I think it’s sad that there are Shelbys collecting dust right now as we speak. But that’s me.

I would submit that if  you REALLY want a solid investment, take your 60k or 100k depending on what particular Shelby, or any other “collector” car for that matter, and invest in the stock market.

Your rate of return would VERY LIKELY be much more than it would if you bought a car that may or may not be “collectable” in 30 years. Or maybe it will take 40 years… or maybe it will never be “collectable.”

My basic point is… STOP WORRYING. If you have one of these wonderful cars ENJOY IT! If that means driving it every day then do that… if it means keeping her in a garage and taking her out only on sunny days then do that… and yes if it means buying it and sealing it in that bubble with 23 miles on it and walking out to the garage every once in a whlie to admire it… then God bless.

Just stop worrying, life is too short and to worry about this car as an investment is kind of nuts. Buy stock and have fun driving your Shelby!

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tpms_display1I swapped wheels this weekend on my Mustang.

The wheels I had did not have the Tire Pressure Sensors in them.

There was a whole ordeal with this because the tire place didn’t have straps to swap the sensors from the old wheels to the new wheels and I had to go all over the place trying to find them.

I finally found them at this Mercury dealership and they wanted to charge me… get ready… $249.95 for four metal straps! This was NOT for four sensors, this was for four pieces of metal to go around the wheel for the sensor to attach to…. I did NOT purchase the highly-expensive four pieces of metal.

Here’s the problem with this whole thing. I don’t even WANT the damn sensors!!! Somehow, and I’m not sure how, I’ve been able to keep my tires inflated for the last 20 years WITHOUT the benefit of a Tire Pressure Monitor System.

Why after 20 years do I now need one? Is it THAT hard to look at a tire and notice that perhaps it might be a little low as it is sagging?

There are some things that the government has required the use of… safety glass, safety restraints, airbags, etc. These are good things.

But I would submit that if  you NEED a sensor to tell you your tires need a little air perhaps you shouldn’t be operating a motor vehicle!

So now I will have this annoying little light on my dash until I purchase some sensors for my new wheels. Which BTW I found a whole kit WITH sensors AND a programming tool for $149…. YES a whole hundred dollars cheaper than the dealership.

You can get them here!

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2011 Get’s a 5.0 Confirmed!

5.0-175According to the resident parts guy over at “The Mustang Source” the 2011 Mustang WILL get a 5.0 engine along with the legendary 5.0 badge!

Though the 5.4 liter supercharged engine is still listed so it looks like the GT500 or Cobra will still have the 5.4 powerplant… ALTHOUGH it looks like the new 5.4 will be ALUMINUM!!

Apparently all the bottom-end bearings and head bolts for the 5.4 have reverted to the Ford GT part numbers!

The current 5.4 is a cast iron block that weighs approximately 100 pounds MORE than the aluminum offering! I WANT ONE!!

With 100 pounds off the front of the GT500 it will transform the car– LITERALLY. The car will have MUCH better weight distribution, as of right now the car is quite “front-heavy”, so it will handle better. It will do just about everything better, handle, accelerate, stop… plus probably get better gas mileage!

Edit: Apparently the story that I linked to from this page was removed. I’m not sure why, but it was.

So here is the long-and-short of it… A certain Ford parts dealer was researching the parts catalog for the 2011 Mustang and found that “5.0” badges were called for on the 2011 Mustang GT, so it looks like the 2011 WILL HAVE a 5.0 liter engine.

That’s pretty much the bottom line.

The other reference about the 2011 GT500 is detailed above regarding the bearings and the head bolts reverting back to the Ford GT part numbers indicating that the 2011 GT500 will have an aluminum block to replace the heavy iron block that it currently uses.

We are living in the “salad days” of the modern muscle car era… ENJOY IT!

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