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So sad… just glad he didn’t hurt anyone with his antics.

Be safe out there, and DON’T drive drunk!


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Well I for one am SOO happy that “Saleen” is now honoring the warranties that they previously dissolved when MJ Acquisitions took over the company.

Back in March Saleen was purchased by MJ Acquisitions and in their infinite wisdom they thought it best to not honor the warranty of any part or car sold before February 2nd 2009.

So basically any owner of a Saleen car or part (supercharger, suspensions, wheels, brakes, etc) that had bought that car or part before Feb 2nd 2009 was told to go pound sand if they had any need of warranty repair.

Classy move MJ Acquisitions… classy move!

Well after a few weeks of this news former founder of Saleen, Steve Saleen, stepped up stating he new company SMS would honor ALL of the warranty repair that MJ Acquisitions shrugged off.

That’s right, Steve Saleen said he would repair those cars or parts if they were under warranty because he cared enough about his former customers and his former company to not leave them out in the cold.

Well goodie for us now on the cusp of their NEW 2010 model “Saleen” (MJ Acquisitions) released a press release that they decided to go ahead and honor the warranties now… gosh they umm… changed their mind.

I’m SURE it had NOTHING to do with the fact that they want to sell some 2010 Saleen Mustangs. I’m SURE it’s just because they had a moment of clarity and reconsidered.

Here’s a personal message from a current Saleen owner– BITE ME!

They of course did NOT mention the fact that their “warranty” is not needed since SMS is covering us ALREADY!!

The fact is a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. “Saleen” (MJ Acquisitions) showed myself and every other Saleen customer exactly what they were about five months ago.

I for one will NEVER purchase another Saleen product EVER. SMS on the other hand will be the first place I look to if I’m interested in an aftermarket package on a future Mustang.

What you broke when you screwed over the Saleen customer base cannot be undone… anyone who would trust “Saleen” (MJ Acquisitions) for ANY automotive need seriously needs to have their head examined.

Here is their lame press release for anyone interested:

ยท2005 โ€“ 2009 Model Year Vehicles – Repairs Dated After February 3, 2009:
oAfter investigating several alternatives, we now have a solution that enables Saleen Performance Vehicles to provide warranty coverage for these vehicles. Previous communications had indicated vehicles delivered to dealers prior to February, 2009 would not be covered by a Saleen Performance Vehicles warranty.
oSaleen Performance Vehicles will cover the parts and labor cost required to complete warranty repairs to vehicles still within their original warranty coverage (1-year/12,000-miles or 3-year/36,000-miles). This includes vehicles currently in stock at dealerships.
oSaleen-certified dealerships should follow existing warranty approval processes including contacting the Saleen Support Center to confirm warranty coverage and sales dates, obtaining prior approval, receiving authorization to commence work and ordering parts.
oSaleen representatives can be contacted at 800-888-8945 for assistance.
We believe this solution is in the best interest of our mutual customers and will prove beneficial as we re-launch Saleen Performance Vehicles.

ยท2010 Model Year Vehicles
oSaleen Performance Vehicles will cover the parts and labor cost required for warranty repairs to vehicles for a 3-year/36,000-mile period.
oSaleen-certified dealerships should follow warranty approval processes including contacting the Saleen Support Center to confirm warranty coverage and sales dates, obtaining prior approval, receiving authorization to commence work and ordering parts.
oSaleen representatives can be contacted at 800-888-8945 for assistance.

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_SKV7807There have been TONS of “Special Edition” mustangs during the ’05-’09 model years, but this thing just looks awesome!

Check out the other pics and vids here

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funny-doctor-cartoons-03-ssWhenever anything bad happens in our life, loss of a job, girlfriend dumps you, car wreck, pick your disaster… there always seems to be someone around to say, “Well look at it this way… at least you have your health!” To which we respond with a glare or grunt or some other form of indignation.

Because at the time all we care about is the job, or the girlfriend, or the car.

An example:

A friend of mine took his brand new Mustang GT to get some work done on the suspension. I went with and while we were there the mechanic needed us to basically bounce the car up and down so he could try and find a particular “squeak.”

So we did, we opened his passenger door and both stood on the inside edge and BOUNCED… and BOUNCED…. and BOUNCED. Suddenly the mechanic’s helper, a young kid just out of school comes running around the car yelling, “STOP STOP!”

We kind of look at him strange, but stop. You see, what we didn’t realize was as we were jumping up and down on his car, his passenger door was SCRAPING against an engine block that had been on a stand next to the car.

There were SEVERAL large gashes in the door, and it even messed up the door handle. It wasn’t even my car and my heart sank and I felt sick and my friend… I mean it was just sad. He sat there looking at the damage and didn’t say much. And if I’m not mistaken, the mechanic or someone DID say, “Well at least you have your health!”

Everyone has probably had this happen in one form or another and everyone has probably thought the exact same thoughts…. something along the lines of “WHO CARES!! MY FRIGGIN (car, job, girlfriend, etc.) HAS DESTROYED MY LIFE!!”

But you see the funny thing about life is, it’s not without humor or irony. Because only when you’re in the unfortunate position of possibly LOSING your good health do you understand the importance of that rather annoying phrase.

A few years back the doctors thought I had a brain tumor. I had some difficulty hearing out of one ear and when I went in for an appointment, I was transferred to a specialist… an Ear Nose and Throat guy. He did a few exams on me… looked in my ears etc. Then he got this very strange look in his face. He had been asking me questions about my condition and then he went very silent.

He scribbled some lines on his notepad and then called his nurse, “We need to get Mr. Clark in for an MRI… call over and make the appointment.”

At the time I had no idea what an MRI was or why he was sending me to get one. So of course I asked… he kept the glazed look on his face and said, “Well from your symptoms you may have a ‘growth’.”

“A what?” I said.

“A growth.”

“Ummm what the heck is a growth?? You mean I have a friggin brain tumor!?!”

He looked down at his little pad and started scribbling again, not looking me in the eyes and said,”Yes.”

Well, needless to say I was completely freaked out. I was 34 years old and this specialist had just told me that I very likely have a brain tumor. Talk about that phrase having some SERIOUS meaning. I would have given both my cars, all my money, and anything else I could to NOT have that tumor. My wife could have called me at that very moment and told me someone stole the car and burned it and I wouldn’t have cared in the slightest.

THAT is when you know the true meaning of the phrase… but only then.

I was cruising the Mustang forums today and saw a post from a member on the Shelby forums. He said he needed to sell his car because he just found out he has Cancer and he can’t afford to keep it with upcoming medical bills.

It reminded me of my encounter and that’s why I posted it here today. I wish him the very best in his upcoming treatment and I hope to remind everyone who reads this that the next time something bad happens and someone says, “At least you have your health,” you might want to think about it for a second… because I doubt there has ever been a saying that is more profound or true.


In case you were curious, I had the MRI and found out that I didn’t have a brain tumor… but to this day they haven’t been able to figure out why I have some nerve damage in my right ear…. oh well… other than that, At least I have my health ๐Ÿ™‚

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older_driverEveryone has been in the situation where you see a pair of hands gripping the wheel and a tuft of white hair peeking above the steering wheel. The blinker is usually on, and has been for the last few miles, and it’s one of those things where we all kind of roll our eyes and do our best to get around the “old fart” as soon as possible.

But here’s quite a twist on the whole, “old people can’t drive” idea.

An 81-year-old qualified for a NASCAR West series race in Portland Oregon!

Hershel McGriff is now the oldest driver to take part in a national NASCAR series race after he qualified for a Camping World West Series even at Portland International Raceway.

To be fair, McGriff was quite a race car driver as he had a career that spanned six decades and included four NASCAR Cup wins and 37 West series races. He is also a member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame.

So yeah, he is quite a bad ass when it comes to driving and maybe he’s not the typical “old fart” driver, but I think it shows that just because someone is old doesn’t mean they are that person peeking over the steering wheel with a perpetual blinker.

So next time you pass an old guy, just think… he MIGHT be an awesome race car driver that’s just choosing to obey the speed limit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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dre1105lI read a lot of Mustang forums and other automotive forums and blogs centered around performance cars and I’m finding more and more of a rather strange philosophy.

Guys are looking to swap out perfectly good stock parts for “better” aftermarket parts just “in case” the stock part isn’t up to the task.

Now look, I’m all for preventative medicine and if you KNOW something is going to break then by all means you should take steps to prevent any kind of mechanical failure.

A good example would be a guy looking to strap a blower onto a current 05-09 Mustang but he wants to push the boost to 20lbs and make 600 rwhp. Well in THAT case you would be a fool to not build a forged rotating assembly for your motor. It would most definitely grenade on you at those power levels.

But for these guys who want to swap out a “performance” clutch because they think the stock one “might not” be able to handle their mods… that’s a bit silly.

For one thing, the “performance” parts that you get from the aftermarket are VERY OFTEN less reliable than your stock parts.

Once you start modifying things on a stock car, you start entering the realm of the unknown. All you can do is go by what others have done before you and hope that you make the right choices on parts to fit your needs.

I’ll give you a personal example.

On my ’06 Mustang I put a Saleen supercharger on the car and was running the 8lb pulley. I was running around 400 rwhp on the stock clutch and drivetrain. I drove that car for another 10k miles and then just HAD to up the boost (because I’m a moron) and when I did my clutch fried within a week. I then put in a NUMBER of different clutches (four to be exact) before I found one that worked.

I have since dropped the boost back down to 8lbs and will, without question, put in a stock clutch when I need to swap out my clutch again. Why? Because the stock clutch was reliable and WORKED. The clutch I have now is somewhat reliable… but on occasion it’s hard to put into gear… I suspect because the clutch disc is too heavy for the stock slave cylinder… but who knows… again I’m in unknown territory on that one.

So do yourself a favor and save the hassle AND MONEY.

If it aint broke… well you know the rest ๐Ÿ˜‰

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crushed2Anyone who drives a performance car knows the scenario.

You’re driving along minding your own business when someone comes up from behind FAST.

They tailgate you and then when possible whip to the side of you and egg you on to “race” them.

Maybe they rev their engine or honk their horn or actually yell out the window “Want to run that thing man!”

And IF you get caught up in this and decide that you need to “show them who’s boss,” then you promptly jam the accelerator to the floor and begin the assinine practice that is “Street Racing.”

And gosh, maybe at the next red light you get there before he does! You have done your duty! You have shown him who is BOSS!!

Then you go to work or to your friends house, or maybe even go on the net to tell all of your conquest and how this jerk-offย  was put in his place by you and your furious machine!

Well done.

Now let’s look at this from a REALISTIC point of view. If you DID “beat” him to the red light, what have you actually won or proven? Do you REALLY think you’ve put him in his place? Do you REALLY think anyone cares? Do you REALLY think he’ll go to work, his friends house, or the net and tell all of how you rightly beat him?

No. If he DOES tell anyone, and he will since he’s jerk-off enough to even engage in this practice, he’ll tell everyone how he beat YOU! That’s right… he’ll tell everyone how he SMOKED your ass and how he decided to let off at the end because of the red light… and how YOU were such a douche that YOU actually thought you beat him because he let off.

Do you see where I’m going here?

No one ever wins a street race. I’ll write that again… NO ONE EVER WINS A STREET RACE.


Because there are WAAAY to many variables… and there is no clear cut “winner.”

What you CAN do with a street race is:

die, kill an innocent bystander, kill your passenger, crash your car, crash the other persons car, go to jail, get your car impounded and crushed, lose your license, destroy property, and be a complete moronic jackass….

IF you REALLY want to have a contest and find out if your car is faster than another car — TAKE IT TO THE TRACK!

The most important thing about a track is– the only person you can hurt on a track is yourself and the other racers… NOT some five-year-old kid walking home from school!

On a track, there is no ambiguity. No question about who wins and who loses.

If it’s a drag strip or autocross then there are time slips… TIME SLIPS DON’T LIE!

No one will question who won what and why…. it is very clear on a track who wins and who loses.

So if you want to race, take it to the track and stop being an infant and endangering everyone else on the road that isn’t concerned with the size of your or the other guy’s pen…. A’hem… engine.

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