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Vandal1On my usual browsing of the Mustang and Shelby internet forums I came upon a thread that is beyond my comprehension.

A guy on the Shelby forums had a party and his garage was full of the tables and chairs for the party, so he was forced to park his Shelby on the street.

When he woke, he woke to this site.

I moved from Los Angeles a year or so ago. I lived in Hollywood, where there were gang tags a-plenty, hookers, homeless, and just general crazy people.

There were a lot of things I liked about living in Hollywood, and there were a lot of things I didn’t… as you probably would find anywhere that you lived.

Tagging was one of the things I really never understood.

Even as a kid I never did anything like this.

I guess I just don’t understand the whole point of vandalism in general. I mean, what does the vandal get out of it? How is it fun to destroy something… in this case a car that is beautiful.

People have tried to vandalize the Mona Lisa too… why? What do these people get out of this? What would possess someone to do this?

Some people would say it’s envy, or jealousy. I suppose that could be a reason. But I don’t think that’s the sole purpose for this kind of act.

It’s almost as if the vandal is so ugly on the inside that they can’t stand to see or be around anything that is beautiful. Maybe it pains them to see others who are happy because they are not. Maybe they think, by their vandalism they will somehow drag others down so that the victims will be as miserable as them.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Yes, the victim will have a bad day or maybe a few bad days because he/she will have to fix the damage caused by the vandal. And I’m sure when this guy walked out to his car the next morning he felt sick and helpless.

But here’s the thing, and this is to all you vandals out there…. He can sleep at night knowing he hasn’t wronged another for absoultely no reason— you can not. No matter how much you try to convince yourself, you know what you’ve done is evil and wrong and you have lost yet another part of your soul because of it.

He can fix the damage and he will still have a beautiful Shelby GT500— You will not. You will never possess something so beautiful because you focus all your energy on destroying others property instead of attaining your own.

So next time you pull out the spray can and decide to go on another of your “missions” realize that the only thing you are doing is destroying yourself. Devouring what little soul you have left in each and every spray of that aerosol can.

Maybe that will give you pause. Maybe that will inspire you to try and make something of your life rather than throwing it away. Or maybe you’ll continue and perhaps go to jail for a small time…. or maybe, one night… you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a steel barrel and that will be the end of your vandalism career and your life.

Choose wisely.



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You might have seen him and his beloved Camaro on your latest box of Pappa John’s pizza.

The guy that founded Papa Johns, John Schnatter, sold his Camaro back in 1983 to keep his father’s business afloat.

He also used some of that money to start what would be a world wide pizza chain– Papa John’s.

He sold the black and gold Camaro for $2,800.

After years he still missed his ride and began the search that many of us have experienced. Calling the people he sold it to and trying to track it down.

He even went so far as to create a website offering $250,000 for the return of his Camaro.

Well his search is now over!

Jeffrey Robinson of Flatwoods Kentucky came forward and returned the Camaro to John to the tune of $250,000! Not a bad profit considering he bought the car five years ago for $4000!

We’ve all read the stories about barn finds and so on. But this should certainly go down in car history as a unique story about a guy, a car, and a pizza chain.

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I hated the television show when it was on for the brief period of time the NBC execs allowed it to air, but this is kinda cool đŸ™‚

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LIVONIA, Mich. – ROUSH® introduces a pair of new 2010 Mustang models, each with 540 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque ready to be unleashed by the touch of the throttle.

The 2010 ROUSH® Stage 3™ Mustang will once again take its rightful place atop the hierarchy of Jack Roush’s lineup. The vehicle comes fully-loaded with the ROUSH® body components; resonator exhaust; four-piston front brakes with 14-inch rotors and painted rear calipers with slotted rotors; and the new upper billet grille which removes the fog lamps and streamlines the appearance of the new Mustang while improving cooling performance. Interior enhancements include ROUSH® leather seats with an embroidered Jack Roush signature; four-piece performance pedals; ROUSH® illuminated sill plates; short throw shifter with black or white ball; and a new interior Stage 3™ badge with the car’s serial number engraved.

Rest of the story here

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Stop Deluding Yourself!


A while ago I wrote a review about the 2010 Mustang. While I have not had the privilege of driving a 2010 GT500 it does not take away from the fact that the styling cues for much of the car are the same.

There are differences, but specifically I’m talking about the HIDEOUS rearend!

I keep hearing over and over “it will grow on you” or “it’s growing on me,” regarding the ugly black plastic bumper and the squished sides complete with the candy cane LED tail lights and abnormally LARGE faux gas cap medallion.

Seriously that medallion belongs on the end of a chain belonging to 50 cent or something. It is HUGE.

Anyway, I find this whole notion of it “growing on me” odd.

It’s like if someone said, “I really don’t like the color blue!” and the person they said it to responded with, “Well just keep looking at it.. in time you will like it!”

Ummm NO!
For instance, I don’t like asparagus. In fact I HATE asparagus!! BUT I’m sure if I was forced to eat asparagus every single day I would probably not vomit at the thought of eating it after I had ingested it for a few weeks… because my body would become accustomed to it… BUT it doesn’t mean that I would then LIKE asparagus!!

The rear is hideous. H I D E O U S!

BUT that’s the thing when it comes to automotive styling, colors, or –asparagus! Some people like it and some don’t!  You know…different strokes for different folks and all that.

I know it’s hard to believe, but some people LIKE asparagus, doesn’t mean it’s good, just means THEY happen to like it. To the folks that hate it, it does nothing for their opinion of it. And yes some people even LIKE the ass end of the 2010 Mustang… but the same logic follows.

(Long explanation short)— If you like it WONDERFUL, but stop deluding yourself into believing others will like it “in time.”

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ford-mustang-shelby-gt500kr-glass-roof-01There was a great post on spokentorque.com regarding the repair of a friend’s King of the Road Shelby.

Apparently the owner had a slight run-in with an animal and it caused some “minor” damage to his KR.

At first they thought it should be no more than 5k worth of damage.

There was a slightly crumpled front fender, some damage to the hood and some minor damage to the lower grille and one of the side-mirrors.

Nothing bad… or so they thought. What looked to be 5k worth of damage turned out to be $31,000 in damage!!

Yes you read it correctly 31k in damage for this slight fender bender.

Read the whole story here:


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