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Picture 1Next Limit better watch out because this little demo just DESTROYS them!

What this guy is doing in real-time would take weeks of simulation with Real Flow.

Now… to fire up my copy of XSI 😉

Check it out!


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New 2010 Saleen

S1These pics still look like they may be renderings of some sort, but I’m not sure.

They could be photos… but either way I think this is definitely my favorite 2010 Mustang design by FAR.

They managed to make the rearend attractive which is quite an accomplishment seeing as no one else has addressed it.



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This is What Caused the 30k Repair Bill

Perhaps you’ll remember an earlier post I made about a very unfortunate KR owner and their over 30k repair estimate.

Well unfortunately for the owner the saga continues.

After countless hours and days on the phone with both SAI and Ford the KR owner STILL has no resolution.

He STILL has a damaged KR that is in need of a hood which was “supposedly” reduced in price from $18k to $9k (see autoblog story) but he has seen no reduction in his cost even after SAI “promised” to reimburse him for both the ridiculous price of shipping and the ridiculous price of said hood.

Notice we’re not even mentioning the splitter, mirror, and other things that are incredibly expensive ($3k for a splitter.. yes the little piece that goes on the lower bumper).

Here’s the latest e-mail the owner received from Shelby Autos:

To make this a straight as possible, I will process the refund request thru Shelby Autos directly. Please confirm the following so we can resolve this issue for you as soon as possible.

Reimbursement for the following:
· Incremental Shipping Charge- You were billed $1200 for shipping and the cost for Fed Ex was $445. Shelby will reimburse you $750
· Goodwill Gesture- The dealer charged you $12,700 for the hood. Shelby will reimburse you the $3,000 difference.

Please confirm these numbers and I will have a check cut today and mailed.

I am sorry for the confusion regarding this issue. We want to make sure that this is taken care of quickly.


They have yet to pay.

Apparently it was just a stall tactic for SAI until they could figure out who to sue regarding this whole mess.

According to an anonymous source SAI is looking to sue State Farm for infringement because the original KR hood was not returned to Shelby… even though it was agreed that the owner could retain the original hood.

(On a personal note… I own an ’07 GT500… not a KR, but anway, a friend of mine told me I should get the Shelby dash plaque for my car. This plaque comes standard on all KRs and Super Snakes (although as you have read… you certainly pay for it) but for us lowly GT500 owners 😉 we can purchase the signed dash plaque for the low low price of $400!

Yes a small square piece of tin with an adhesive backing and Carroll Shelby’s name autographed on it, for 400 bills. Now some would say, “Well the $400 is for CHARITY!” because apparently all the proceeds from the plaque sales go to Shelby’s children’s charity. Which is a really nice thing… but after this whole story with the KR. I’m think it MIGHT  have more to do with the fact that Shelby is just WAAAAY too greedy for their own good.

BTW I never got the plaque… something about a $400 piece of tin just doesn’t appeal to my sense of value.

Anyway… back to the main event…)

The site owner of Spoken Tourque has also been threatened and told to remove any and all references to the original thread that started it all.

Original thread here.

So… the saga does indeed continue. We would think Shelby would do the SMART thing and the RIGHT thing and make this right. But they seem to be less interested in that and more interested in shutting any opposing voice down. Oh and suing as well… way to go guys… JEEZ!

Here are a few pictures of the KR hood (20k hood after tax etc.) that was sent to the owner of the damaged KR.

Damaged Hood in Original Packaging.

Damaged Hood in Original Packaging.

Picture of Damage that Shelby Said Did NOT Exist... claimed it was not damaged.

Picture of Damage that Shelby Said Did NOT Exist... claimed it was not damaged.

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Boss 302 Lives!



To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mustang Boss 302’s iconic 1970 Trans-Am championship, and to build on the success of the Mustang FR500C (winner of 2005/2008/2009 Grand-Am Championships), Ford Racing is proud to announce the development of a new race-prepared road racing Mustang – the 2010 Ford Racing Boss 302R. Details of this exciting program have already begun to surface, and we want to ensure our dealers hear about it from us first.

The Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302R will be a factory-built race car, ready for track days and road racing in a number of SCCA and NASA classes. An optional Grand-Am Homologation Package will be available for the Grand-Am KONI Challenge series. While details are intentionally limited at this time, the following should help you assess the product and its appeal.

Program Intent:

  • Continue the winning tradition of Mustang racing
  • Build limited to 50 units
  • Off-road only (VIN replaced by serial number)
  • Estimated pricing, $75,000 WD, $79,000 MSRP
  • Build/delivery in 3rd -4th Qtr 2010
  • Ford Racing Part #: M-FR500-BOSSR

Vehicle Content:

  • 400 hp (est.) 5.0L 4V engine
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Roll cage
  • Race dampers/springs, brakes, tire
  • Race seats, safety harness

Optional – Grand-Am Homologation Package (Part Number: M-FR500-BOSSR1) for KONI Challenge includes:

  • Sealed high output race engine with upgraded cooling system
  • Close ratio 6-speed transmission with integral shifter
  • Seam-welded body
  • Race suspension/KONI dampers and ABS brake tuning
  • Race wheels/tires
  • Race performance exhaust
  • High speed balance 1-piece driveshaft
  • Racing fuel cell
  • Race data acquisition
  • Grand-Am spec vehicle is estimated to be $129,000 MSRP ($124,000 WD)


  • Vehicle orders should be placed with the Ford Racing warehouse, [phone number removed].
  • Priority delivery will be given to multiple vehicle orders.
  • An “off-road only” competition release will be required prior to delivery of the race car to the dealer.
  • Production of only 50 units is under consideration for 2010, so dealers are encouraged to submit their orders before December 31, 2009.
  • Questions about ordering should be directed to [name removed].

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Ok This is Just Awesome!

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Picture 4A pretty awesome video pitting the Shelby Super Snake against a 725 hp supercharged Challenger!!

Check it out!

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