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260xStoryIf you have dreamt of owning a Bugatti Veyron then you might be able to attain your dream, providing you can swim!

This happened just down the road from me in La Marque Texas. Apparently a real estate investor spent a little too much time talking on his cell phone and a little too little on actually driving his 2 million dollar automobile.

The driver said he was talking on his cell when a low-flying pelican “distracted” him and caused¬† him to swerve off the road and into a lagoon where the Veyron’s 16 cylinders and four turbo chargers sputtered to an abrupt halt as the sea water invaded the engine compartment and the car itself.

I’m SURE it was the pelican and not his cell phone use. I’m sure he was paying FULL attention to his driving and the road while having his conversation.

I’m just glad the dude didn’t swerve into another car, or a family, or a kid walking on the side of the road.

Next time you decide to drive and talk on your fu**&# cell phone think of this guy and what could happen. Maybe you won’t be driving a 2 million dollar car, but I wouldn’t want to sink my Mustang into a lagoon or another car or another person because I just HAD to find out how my sister’s cousin’s brother contracted VD, or whatever other ridiculous conversation you just HAD to have while driving down the road.

How on earth did we survive before cell phones without having meaningless conversations while driving down the road? Oh WAIT I remember!! We just fuc**##%% DROVE OUR CARS AND LEFT THE CHIT CHAT UNTIL WE GOT HOME!

My only regret in this story is I couldn’t have been there on the side of the shore lauging my ass off at this idiot and taking MORE pictures and possibly video!


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The 2011 Z28 Camaro Green Lit!


So are you Camaro fans ready to get blown?

That’s right! The Camaro Z28 will be built for the 2011 model run.

The Z28 will use the same 6.2 liter V8 power plant the currently resides in the SS Camaro but will sport forced induction.

There are no numbers as yet, but the engine produces 556 hp and 551 ft. lbs. of torque so strap a blower on top and you’re talking some street burning power!

The z28 was confirmed at the Frankfurt Motor Show by representatives of General Motors. It will be built and sold sometime in late 2011.

The Z28 will likely come with a manual 6-speed… as it should… no automatic muscle cars here!

Appearance-wise the z28 will be the same as the photos GM released a while back. It will come with 20-inch rims, a different front grille and badging. It will have a larger hood scoop to accommodate the blower and restyled rear bumper cover and a taller lip spoiler.

Pricing isn’t final, but it should be somewhere around 8k higher than the current SS offereing.

Can’t wait to see it!


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broken-eggsIt’s 7:30 pm and I’m driving down “main street” which is, as it’s named, one of the main streets of our little seaside town.

The speed limit is only 45 mph as there are lots of homes and businesses lining the street… apparently a good moving-target speed for a kid that needs a good ass whipping.

Anyway, I’m driving along and BANG! I thought I had either hit something in the road I didn’t see or my car was hit with a rock. It was hit THAT hard.

I didn’t immediately pull over as there were cars behind me and honestly my wife and I were kind of in shock. Wondering what the hell just happened.

“Did I hit something?” I said.

“No I don’t think so, it sounded like it hit the roof!” she said.

“Yeah you’re right… what the hell was that?”

“Maybe something fell from a tree?” said my wife who always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I’m not so optimistic…I had to get gas so I figured I’d look when I got to the station… but before I got there I figured the car was hit with SOMETHING by SOMEONE. I just didn’t know what just yet.

So I pull under the lights and get out to witness a large stream of white and yellow egg running down the roof of the car onto the back of the glass.

I always carry some detail spray and a cloth in case of bird bombs so I pulled out my trusty spray and went to cleaning. I figured, “No big deal… whatever… it’ll clean off.”

Then I saw it– apparently the little bastard hit the car so hard with the egg that it actually took paint with it. Took the paint down to the metal.

So because of some little shit, whos parents probably didn’t give him enough toys to play with or maybe they gave him too much, I’m going to have to have my roof repainted. I have stripes painted on my roof too so it will probably cost me even more because of that.

Because some little asswipe was bored, or has a low IQ, or has parents that don’t know what their kid is doing at night on the street, on a friggin school night, I’m going to have to pay hundreds and possibly more to paint my car.

I did stupid crap when I was kid. I’m sure we all have… never egged anyone’s car though. Most of the destruction I caused was to things that no one really cared much about… at least as far as I can remember. I burned a phone book once… thought that was cool. Got busted for it and I think I probably caught an ass whipping for it.

I can only hope the little shit catches an asswhipping at some point for doing this. But then again, I live in Texas so it might not be so nice for him if he happens to hit the wrong person’s vehicle with an egg…. lots of people with guns around here, that don’t mind using them.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope nothing like that happens, but like I said… Texas….¬† maybe he should think twice next time.

Now to get that estimate for my car… oh and just in time for the holidays… joy.

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semaday1_004This is awesome… ’67 Mustang with 2009 technology!

Check it out!

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Profit_FordFord was the only one of the big three to NOT take bailout money from the government.

And now they are showing some great numbers for 2010 and are looking to repeat that in 2011.

Check out the full story here.

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