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This is for you!

That’s right… every asshole out there that has smacked his car door against the car next to him and sheepishly slinked away!

You KNOW your carelessness has caused someone else’s property to be damaged, yet you don’t care.

You KNOW you are a low-life piece of shit because you don’t have the decency to leave a note so that when the repair bill comes YOU will have to pay not the innocent person you happened to park your shit box next to!

Some would argue it’s because you are so extremely clueless that you have no idea of what you are doing, and that your careless fling of your door has damaged the car next to you.

But we know that’s a bunch of crap don’t we? DON’T WE? You know what you’ve done but you simply don’t care.

Probably because you drive a shit box in the first place.

Probably because you don’t like the fact that someone else has something nice.

Probably becuase you are the kind of person that thinks life has dealt you an unfair hand and that YOU should be able to drive something nice and if YOU can’t then BY GOD no one else will!

Isn’t that right you little piece of maggot dung???

Here’s an idea… next time you decide to park that heap of shit you call a car next to someone’s NICE car don’t.

Instead just drive to the nearest cliff (if your state has them) and drive your shit b0x along with your worthless carcass off into the depths below.

Come on!! IMPROVE THE GENE POOL!! No one wants you here anyway!

You have nothing to offer the world other than taking up air, space, and food.

If your state doesn’t have a cliff perhaps you live next to the sea… AGAIN drive off the pier! Become fish food! Be WORTH something… at least as fish food you’ll be contributing!

And if all else fails, and you don’t happen to own a gun (what low life piece of shit could afford one?) maybe park that shitbox in your closed garage and inhale the fumes until your body turns bright pink and you die!

But we know you won’t… you’ll continue on in life, with a chip on your shoulder and without care because GOSH someone owes you something…. LIFE sucks and gee whiz why can’t I have nice things…. you grimy piece of excrement!

Or better  yet… next time let me catch you… and I’ll dispatch you myself.

That is all.


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Just kidding guys 🙂

But this is truly funny I thought:

Click Here

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The Lady and the Reaper

This is just a beautiful animation.

Click here to view it!

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So here’s a look at the new 2011 GT500 track pack which comes with the stiffer suspension and alloy wheels.

Unfortunately it appears it also comes with two very skinny stripes over the top…. not feeling the stripes… but anyway here are the pics.

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Austria’s strongman Franz Müllner displayed his grappling power as he held back a GT500 for 6.7 seconds as it performed a burnout in his face!

He performed a similar feat of strength before his tussle with the Cobra when he held back a Lamborghini Diablo for a full seven seconds.

So either the Cobra is stronger than the Bull or Franz needs to get Hanz to PUMP HIM UP!

Check out the video!

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