Ummm Ok

So this is likely the most Frankensteined ass-end of a 2011 model Mustang that I’ve seen.

I mean I KNOW the ass of these cars is bad but trying to cover it up with a HUGE wing and som gray piping aint gonna get it done.

I’m no car builder but it seems like it wouldn’t be THAT difficult to design a rear bumper for this car that deletes that retarded black plastic cowling on the bottom.

Why is this so difficult?????

Oh well… I’ll keep waiting I suppose.


Cool Timelapse Build!

So SMS has rolled out their new 2011 Mustang design.

As in the past Saleen will be offering two versions of the SMS (previously Saleen) one that will basically sport some exterior mods and interior mods and a supercharged version that will, according to an SMS press release, produce 535 hp and 450 ft-lb of torque with the blower.

Of course the NA version will come with the 440hp and 400 ft-lb of torque due to Ford’s new 5.0 liter power plant, but you’d get that with a regular GT as well.

Of note, both SMS models come standard with new SMS performance suspension components. The package will include S4 Specific Rate Front and Rear Springs, S4 Front Struts, S4 Rear Shocks, S4 Front and Rear Sway Bars with High Durometer Pivot Bushings and the all-new SMS unique S4 Watts Link rear suspension.

A Watts Link will likely be a welcome feature for many high performance fans, although I’d like to see how much the package will cost before I get too excited.

Below are some more pics… somehow though they managed to make the rear look worse… Saleen’s rear valence offering is MUCH MUCH better I think.


According to Brent at Brenspeed the “Detroit Rocker” cams have been in secret development between Brenspeed and Comp cams. He states they offer “perfect drivability throughout the entire RPM band, have shown to pick up 30 hp gains, and have that classic detroit hot rod lope.”

They will retail for less than $700 but a final price hasn’t been decided.

They are also an NSR cam and do not require phaser limiters so they will be easier on the wallet when it comes to install!

Ok so this stuff… if FRIGGING AMAZING!

Not only is it amazing, but you can get it free for now!!

This stuff repels everything, brake dust, dirt, everything.

Do yourself a favor and click THIS LINK and watch the video of this stuff in action!

Insurance Fraud and a GTR

So this dude in California, who obviously watched one too many Fast and Furious flicks, wrecked his new GTR as he raced behind a Mitsubishi Evo up a twisting mountain road.

Ok so he’s stupid for thinking he’s Vin Diesel and racing on this twisty road at night… yes. But to add to the stupidity he decided the insurance company could bail him out of the 76k repair bill.

He got his sister to say she wrecked the supercar driving on the 10 freeway.

Then he changed the story and said he would fix the repairs himself.

Then about three months later he made ANOTHER claim stating he’d wrecked the GTR on the 60 outside of Riverside.

So he probably thought he should man up and pay the damages in the first situation… either that or he was afraid they would find out. THEN he got the repair bill… 76k OUCH!

So THEN he realized he couldn’t afford that hit so he went ahead and made the second claim after. Problem was the wrecked car had been sitting in a repair shop the same time it was supposedly wrecked on the 60.

Well now brother and sister have been charged with felony insurance fraud. Six counts for “Jay” the dude driving the car and one count for the sister who probably was just trying to be a good sister and bail her retarded brother out of a jam.

Way to go Jay! They both face prison time and fines if convicted.

Next time man up and realize YOU were the one that decided to take the risk. You wanna play?? Be prepared to pay!

Watch the youtube vid and read the original story here: A Supercar, a YouTube clip, and a Fraud Charge…

To All the Assholes Out There

This is for you!

That’s right… every asshole out there that has smacked his car door against the car next to him and sheepishly slinked away!

You KNOW your carelessness has caused someone else’s property to be damaged, yet you don’t care.

You KNOW you are a low-life piece of shit because you don’t have the decency to leave a note so that when the repair bill comes YOU will have to pay not the innocent person you happened to park your shit box next to!

Some would argue it’s because you are so extremely clueless that you have no idea of what you are doing, and that your careless fling of your door has damaged the car next to you.

But we know that’s a bunch of crap don’t we? DON’T WE? You know what you’ve done but you simply don’t care.

Probably because you drive a shit box in the first place.

Probably because you don’t like the fact that someone else has something nice.

Probably becuase you are the kind of person that thinks life has dealt you an unfair hand and that YOU should be able to drive something nice and if YOU can’t then BY GOD no one else will!

Isn’t that right you little piece of maggot dung???

Here’s an idea… next time you decide to park that heap of shit you call a car next to someone’s NICE car don’t.

Instead just drive to the nearest cliff (if your state has them) and drive your shit b0x along with your worthless carcass off into the depths below.

Come on!! IMPROVE THE GENE POOL!! No one wants you here anyway!

You have nothing to offer the world other than taking up air, space, and food.

If your state doesn’t have a cliff perhaps you live next to the sea… AGAIN drive off the pier! Become fish food! Be WORTH something… at least as fish food you’ll be contributing!

And if all else fails, and you don’t happen to own a gun (what low life piece of shit could afford one?) maybe park that shitbox in your closed garage and inhale the fumes until your body turns bright pink and you die!

But we know you won’t… you’ll continue on in life, with a chip on your shoulder and without care because GOSH someone owes you something…. LIFE sucks and gee whiz why can’t I have nice things…. you grimy piece of excrement!

Or betterĀ  yet… next time let me catch you… and I’ll dispatch you myself.

That is all.