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My 2006 Supercharged Mustang GT

I recently read a post on The Mustang Source from a member that felt he was “short changed” because the 2011 Mustang GT will offer a 5.0 liter engine that produces over 400 hp.

His reason being that the current mustang and the 2005-2009 Mustangs all share the same 4.6 liter power plant that produces 300 hp and about 315hp (for the 2011) respectively.

Now lets look at this for a moment.

Time moves forward, technology gets better, so it’s safe to assume that the “newer” product, whatever that may be, will be “better.”

It’s expected and rightly so.

But here’s a thought for any of you out there that own a current Mustang or 05-09 Mustang.

Chevy and Dodge are cranking out muscle cars now with over 400hp but lets not forget that when the 2005 Mustang GT came out there was NOTHING from the Chevy world or Dodge world that came close to the performance or looks of the ’05.

In fact there was NO muscle car offering from anyone BUT Ford.

Let’s be honest, the very reason Chevy owners have the option to buy a Camaro is BECAUSE of the 2005 Mustang’s success, and the same is true for any of you Dodge owners driving a new Challenger.

So if anything, not only do I not feel shortchanged… I feel like I contributed to part of history.

Without the Mustang’s success there would be no current muscle car war. My purchase of my 2006 Mustang GT helped push forward the offerings from Chevy and Dodge.

And now Chevy and Dodge have produced muscle cars that offer more horsepower than the Mustang GT so Ford is firing back with a new power plant and more horsepower.

Things are now as they SHOULD BE. Competition is a beautiful thing and I for one can’t wait for the new Mustang. Will I own one? No. But it’s going toΒ  be a monster of a machine and it will help to further the muscle car resurgence that we are now enjoying.

Thank you Ford, Chevy, and Dodge for creating these amazing machines.

Oh and anyone who’s a Chevy or Dodge owner driving around in your new Camaro or Challenger, feel free to thank me next time you see me , I’ll be the guy in the 2006 Gray Mustang with a silver stripe down the center πŸ˜‰

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More 5.0 Pictures

Still has the same black plastic rear 😦

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Just listen to that exhaust note!! OMG!

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That’s right! I already reported that the 2011 was going to sport the 5.0 liter powerplant… old news to me πŸ˜‰

BUT now we have a number for the new motor–412HP!!

The bowtie boys Camaro SS carries a 6.2 liter motor that’s rated at 422 horses.

A few more horses for a larger heavier motor.

The Camaro weighs in at 3860 lbs with it’s manual 6 speed (3913 for the auto), vs. the 2010 Mustang GT’s 3533 lbs.

Exciting news for blue oval fans looking to talk some smack to their bowtie bretheren!

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