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So after living with this abortion of an upgrade for the last two days I THOUGHT I found a way to disable Google’s new image search crap.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

This is the link I used:

Instructions Here

The instructions were posted in 2007 so I don’t believe it works for the new “upgrade”

If anyone knows of a way to get rid of this new image search please let us know!


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Why does google continue to try and change things that work perfectly?????


I mean do they REALLY think Bing is going to give them a run for their money?

Remember a few months ago when they changed the google search page to have “themes?”

Yeah THAT was a great idea… awesome.

I can only hope that enough people complain AGAIN so they change the image search back to the original search that wasn’t so damn CUTE but actually WORKED!

Now I have to hover over a picture to see the damn resolution… WHY Google WHY??

And then when I DO find one after several hovering sessions… and I click on it… I’m presented with a cute little pop-up type image that hovers over the damn original page.

Google… I guess you don’t know this. I’m shocked actually… but here’s the reason people like to use Google.

It’s not because the search results are far superior, although they often are.

It’s not because the graphic on the homepage is stellar, although when you do the contests and have unique “Google” graphics for special occasions it IS neat.

It’s BECAUSE… now listen carefully… it’s EASY! It’s SIMPLE! There’s not a million ads going on next to the damn search bar. THAT is why people use Google.

People like EASY… people like SIMPLE!



Everyone who liked the image search feature the way it was before. (Which is likely everyone on the planet)

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