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Don’t blink when you put these two cars against each other or you might not see which is faster.

Everyone knows a Mustang is capable in a straight line, but when it comes to a track and corners the “antiquated” live axle would surely fall short against the Bavarian’s top track car, the M3.
Or would it?

A recent Motor Trend article compares the two on the BMW’s home turf of twists and turns and the new 5.0 Mustang comes in less than a TENTH of a second slower than the M3.

Yes you read that correctly… it takes more time for a human to blink their eye than the difference between these two cars.

And with the new 5.0 coming in under 26k LESS than the M3’s starting price point I think it’s fairly clear who the winner is here!

So next time one of these guys pulls up next to you in his turned up collar and sunglasses resting atop his bleached hair just know that he paid more than 20 grand more for a car that’s less than an eyeblink faster than your little Mustang 😉

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